Many people feel embarrassed about losing their hair, but the truth is it’s more common than you think – for both men and women. At Gilberto Hair Center, you can find quality Miami hair replacement options suitable for your needs. Whether you’re suffering from hereditary alopecia or thinning hair from chemotherapy, we’ll help find the right solution for you.

Options for Everyone

We have a variety of service options for anyone looking for hair replacement in Miami:

  • Integrations for Women: We use an interlock point system in order to place hair pieces among your natural hair. Gilberto created this technique for women suffering from mild to severe hair loss. The hair piece is attached using a medical grade adhesive.
  • Hair Replacement for Men: We offer a variety of options and can show you how to wear your hair prosthesis daily or have it attached for a few weeks. We offer bonding that lasts for two to four weeks, weaves, micro wefts and crimp tube service. Every order is custom made, and you don’t have to deal with the recovery period required by surgery or hair transplants.
  • Alopecia: We can tape or bond Rafael extension units or wigs to the desired area, creating a natural look that lasts anywhere from one to four weeks and allows you to take care of your hair like normal.
  • Cancer Patients: We’re pleased to offer special units designed specifically for comfort and a natural look. Our team will help you learn how to service your new hair yourself, and you can continue doing normal activities, including going to the pool, without worry.

Why We Use These Products

At Gilberto Hair Center, we only use high-quality human hair products. Gilberto has over 35 years of experience with hair replacement, and he has developed many of the leading techniques in use today. He wears the same piece that he sells and assisted in the development of the technology for custom pieces. That’s why we trust these products.

Come See the Difference Quality Hair Replacements Make

For trustworthy hair replacement in Miami, call Gilberto Hair Center at 305-631-0360.