Hair replacement for men is a revolutionary technique that avoids the painful surgery and recuperation of a hair transplant. With this procedure men can use a hair prosthesis (piece) and have the option to wear it from 1to 4 weeks or have a specialist show how to put it on and take it off daily or as pleased. G.H.C. Guarantees no worries because all orders are custom made, if your hair is straight, wavy, or tightly curled; we will adapt the unit to your own natural hair. Services on tape – have unit on for 1-2 weeks or remove as pleased.** Services on bonding – have the unit on with a special medical adhesive for 2 – 4 weeks.** Men tightening – weave to small braid from already existing hair for about 4 weeks (usually bonded in the front).** Micro weft points system – another method of men tightening with strategically woven points instead of braid and also lasts on about 4 weeks ** Crimp tube service – a different type of point system interlacing soft tiny cylinder instead of micro weft points (4 – 6 weeks). ** ** Service duration depends on individuals hair growth and life style. Remember, perfect hair replacement fits to your hair like a perfectly fitted dental implant. Whoever sees you will never know that it is not your own existing hair.