It’s no secret that long, voluptuous hair is beautiful and a very desirable quality for most men women. Not everyone is born with flowing, growing hair! If you’ve ever wanted to lengthen, replace, volumize, or color your hair, then hair extensions are for you. At Gilberto Hair Center, you’ll be serviced by a professional with over 35 years of experience who has a reputation as being an innovator in the field of hair extensions.

Types of Extensions

Gilberto Hair Center offers many different hair extension options for various types of hair:

  • Weaving Hair Extensions: Gilberto has developed his own weave-in design. Thin braids are made with the client’s hair, and the extensions are woven into the braids. These last for 6-8 weeks before requiring a tightening service. Gilberto can also use the cylinder weaving technique, which is perfect for hair damaged by chemicals.
  • Great Lengths: Regular fusion or ultrasonic cold fusion is used on each strand of hair to fuse a keratin polymer tip. Our extensions consist of Indonesian 100 percent human hair. Cold fusion uses the same process as regular fusion without the heat.
  • Hair Dreams: A fusion technique using European 100 percent human hair. These extensions are perfect if you suffer from migraines or have difficulty maintaining upkeep appointments.
  • African-American Technique: Gilberto uses micro weft point integration, bonding or crimp tube systems using the client’s own hair. We also carry custom lace front units for many different types and textures of hair.


Benefits to Extensions

Extensions are relatively easy to take care of, especially when they are placed by skilled hands. They usually take the brunt of day-to-day damage, protecting your natural hair. In addition, they provide a way for you to achieve beautiful and natural looking locks for weeks and can be styled like real hair. Our hair center only uses quality human hair pieces for an authentic look.

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If you’re considering hair extensions, it’s a good idea to seek professional help from someone who is revered around the world in the hair extensions art. For beautiful hair extensions in Miami from the hands of a stylist even celebrities trust, call Gilberto Hair Center at 305-631-0360.