Gilberto Febles has been a specialist for over 35 years in the art of Hair Replacement. If you have experienced hair loss for any reason, you look for a hair replacement specialist. The person you find most likely is a disciple or has trained under Gilberto Febles at some point in his career. Gilberto has trained hair stylists all over the world. Companies from all over the world have asked him to train their staff like Paul Mitchel, Sammy, Sebastian, Image, Don Clipper, Razac, On-Rite, New Concepts, Hair Factory, New Man, New Image, Great Lengths Extensions, Versachi, CTR, Richard Farreli just to name a few. Gilberto is considered by most stylists as the Innovator and the Motivator of Hair Replacement. This is an acquired title due to his contributions to the field. Gilberto has appeared on all major media outlets teaching his innovative techniques. Gilberto, for over 20 years, has been called upon by Network Television Stations like Univision, Telemundo (NBC), to show his innovative techniques to the world as news. Gilberto’s knowledge is only surpassed by his Charisma that makes not only his clients but his followers request only him to appear as the Guru of Hair Replacement. He has appeared regularly in television shows like “De Mananita”. If you want the best you go to Gilberto Febles at Gilberto Hair Center.


In 1990, he opened his specialty salon in Florida where he has treated hair loss for both men and women alike. As part of his contributions to society he has treated cancer patients for loss of hair due to medical treatment. The self esteem of a Cancer Patient, or someone with Alopesia for that matter, due to hair loss is lifted by Gilberto and has shown significant improvement in the desire of patients to get healthy. Aside from his contributions to the sick, he has also made personalities, artist and entertainers look better, and as a result feel better about themselves which allows them to do their job better. Remembering always that the way one looks affects the rest of what the person does, Gilberto is the Master. Artists like Shakira, Paulina Rubio, Marriane De la Fuente, have all seen Gilberto for miracles in the way they look in front of their fans. Gilberto has created new techniques currently used around the world in Hair Weaving, Hair Extensions, Hair Replacement, and Hair Reconstruction, just to name a few. His goal is to repair the hair so he does not have to replace it. He uses the most innovative techniques keeping himself on the edge of technological breakthroughs to repair and/or replace hair. The best way to describe Gilberto was said by Christina, (the Hispanic Oprah), Gilberto is a Hair Surgeon without a Scalpel.